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Trafik - None But The Brave

Trafik - None But The Brave

Третий альбом выходит 21 июня 2010.

Послушать его можно уже сейчас на Soundcloud.

To celebrate the launch of their new album 'None But The Brave' electronic duo Trafik are giving away a track from the album to Mixmag and Dont Stay In users, absolutely free!


The long awaited third album from Trafik blazes an improbable trail through the sonic space somewhere between ethereal cinematic scores and storming DJ weapons.

‘None But The Brave’ began life when the duo – Andrew Archer and John Elliott – holed themselves up for an intensive fortnight’s studio session in the far reaches of Scotland, far from the nearest mobile signal or other worldly distractions.

The 18 months since then have turned out to be almost as intense. They’ve ripped their sound apart, rebuilt it, then taken it to bits a few more times before emerging with an album that both agree is their best work yet.



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