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  • Emissary - Morning Coffee Vol. 24

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    03.07.2009 | MipH

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    Morning Coffee Vol. 24

    01. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (Beta Remix)
    02. Pat Foosheen - The Unthinkable (Habersham Remix)
    03. Starfire - Total Immersion
    04. Amiel - The Chase (Hi-Fi Bugs Remix)
    05. Baunder - Replica
    06. ICR - Lack of Tomorrow (Flack's Second Try)

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MipH 03-07-2009 23:37:52
Evan Arnett is a classically trained composer and producer of music for film, video games, and electronic dance music (under the moniker “The Emissary”) and absolute (concert) music as well as a DJ in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

Evan was born in 1984, the son of a blues guitarist father and pianist/clarinetist mother. A serious interest in music developed at the age of seventeen, when he began to create simple compositions with the aid of his computer and free loop-based music software. Embracing the style of electronic dance music, he worked part time jobs, spending his extra money to build up a small studio over the next two years, during which he collaborated frequently with his close friends, fellow breakbeat enthusiast John Mosman (in a project called Xodiac) and electronic IDM guru Andrew Foster.

Through an association with the Dj/Producer Stefan Anion, Evan became involved with the Dallas dance label Blueplasma Recordings, where he released his first single as “The Emissary” in February 2005, a three-track EP in April 2006, and a followup single in October 2006. He also received a special release on Proton Records for his remix of Deepsky’s single “Lost in the Moment” in a remix contest that received over 400 entries from around the world. His productions have received support from radio and club DJs across the globe, including Hybrid, Shiloh, Jason Bentley, Jono Fernandez, and Dj Merritt. He has also DJed at various events throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Meanwhile, Evan has pursued classical composition in college through classes in Harmony/Theory and Ear Training, Music Literature, and private piano lessons. He has written preludes and a sonata for the piano, while using advanced sample libraries to create audio realizations of full orchestral pieces. He has studied world music independently and participated in an African and Cuban percussion ensemble. As of 2006, Evan is studying music composition at the University of Texas at Arlington under the award-winning composer Dr. George Chave.

Evan has also written reviews of new dance music singles for Progressive Sounds.com. He worked as a music event promoter for Full Access and Prototype Industries. In 2005, he had the opportunity to score Esoteric Productions’ short film “Midnight Ransom” and its sequel.

In 2005, Evan was chosen as the lead composer for Reactor Interactive’s upcoming PC space action game “Sector 13”. (http://www.reactorinteractive.net/) His work included organizing and leading a team of musicians in creating a full length soundtrack to the game, spanning across multiple genres of music and requiring a diversity of talent. He also composed music for Composite Studios’ PC title “Ancient Galaxy”. (http://www.compositestudios.com/)

Determined to develop his musical potential to its fullest, Evan continues to pursue his musical education while expanding his compositional techniques and studio production knowledge.

Works by Evan Arnett

Anathema/Ghostwalker (Blueplasma Recordings)
Deepsky- Lost in the Moment (The Emissary’s Diplomatic Mix) [Proton Music]**
Retroid- Daybreak (The Emissary Remix) [Unreleased]
“Midnight Ransom” Original Soundtrack
Ancient Galaxy demo Original Soundtrack

Blake Jarrell Okoboji- (The Emissary’s Ghosts of Okoboji Remix) [Unreleased]**
Transfigured Night EP [Blueplasma Recordings]

1. Transfigured Night
2. Transfigured Night (Ambient Remix)
3. Write Angle

Midday Ransom Original Soundtrack
Stefan Anion- Orion’s Belt (The Emissary Remix) [Proton Music]
Sector 13 Original Soundtrack
The Emissary- Synapse (Blueplasma Recordings)


Soundtrack for PC Game Incursion
Scores for series of airport security presentation videos for “The Vic Thompson Company”
Score for short film “Mid-Afternoon of the Living Dead”
Trio for Piano, Flute, and Cello
Piano Prelude #1
Vocalise for Soprano and Electronics
What Lurks in the Depths
Wandering Fates


HisBoyElroy- Into the Light (The Emissary remix)
The Emissary- Braindive
Hybrid- Marrakech (The Emissary’s Breaktek Remix/Mashup) [Bootleg]


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