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Andrea LaiAndrea Lai started playing music in a black roman winter day a long time ago. He shouldered a bass guitar to play in an heavy metal band with a dj (yes, but it was 19 years ago...). After ten years of bands and small labels contracts, he understood that the bass hasn't enough sub bass frequencies and sold it to buy two decks and a mixer (actually he saw his band first contract with BMG flying away after him and his band thrashed the roman club they where performing in and understood that punk was dead...). He played at school and friends partyes, mixing hip hop with crossover metal, mid europe industrial music with rock'n'roll.

Few years later as he was writing for the most influentian Italian music magazines, he had access to a lot of promos and pre releases... One of this was Daft Punk's Around The World. During a big party he played it and it took 30 seconds to clean the dancefloor. Another deep concept appeared clear in his already ruined mind: people prefer to dance to shit music. He continued his journalistic carreer (while working as a cook) and wrote a book about big beat (yessss!!!). He left Roma and worked for MTV in London and another concept entered his mind: no one knows shit about music at MTV. He got back to Roma and worked as promotion manager for EMI first and Sony Music. He kept djing at private parties untill he started working for a left wing pirate radio in Roma. He left Sony Music and dedicated his time to the radio. Here he met Riccardo Petitti. The radio was in extreme need for money and they decided to start a night to bring some money to the radio. They called it Agatha. Nobody knows why... They found a rough squat and understood it was the right place for their night and... nobody knows why...

It was eight years ago and from that day on every friday from september to june 1000/1500 people dance to the Agatha rhythm. A fair door policy (5 euros), a massive and trustable sound system, an upfront music selection form hip hop, to electro, to breaks and drum'n'bass and 4/4, made of Agatha the biggest Italian cutting edge club. At this point it was unavoidable the meeting with the only italian breakbeat label, Mantra Breaks. Two entities aimed to bring the italian breakbeat flavour around the world. Natural was the release of the first Agatha compilation (Agatha - Rock'n'Roll mixed live by Lai & Petitti), which brings inside the spirit of the weekly night: rock'n'roll. Soon on Mantra Breaks his first single 'Moog A Cannes'.

Официальный сайт: http://www.agathaonline.it


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