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Peo de PittePeo De Pitte got involved in the music business at the age of 14 when he started broadcasting at a local radio station. This also got him into DJ-ing, his vibes at first consisting of beats oriented soul and rap. He bought records with De La Soul, Public Enemy, Gangstarr, Bomb the Bass and Mantronix and his goal was
then set. ?This is what I want to do! This is my calling! I want to DJ and produce music!¦

Since then things has been both easy and hard for Peo de Pitte. Easy, because his goals were clear. Hard, because we wasn-t of legal age to go anywhere near a night club. The radio station, however, came to his aid. He DJ-ed all the stations big parties and also did his first stumbling attempts of remixing tunes, which of course got played on the radio. Mysteriousl...

His first contact with breaks came when he first heard Blapps Posse ?Bus it (it-s time to get busy)¦ on the radio during a visit to London. Whilst there he also picked up vinyl-s with amongst others Renegade Soundwave and N-Joi. He came home with his bags full of new records and started caning them on home turf. Soon, the then 16 year old Peo got a gig at the night club Galaxy in Stockholm. There was a huge crowd and he dropped Prodigy-s ?Charly¦. The place erupted! It wasn-t long before the movers and shakers in Stockholm got their eyes open for this young talent and at age 17 he landed his first record deal with Swedish legendary label SweMix, at that time run by StoneBridge. It-s been upwards onwards since then.

Peo continued working as a studio producer, DJ and with radio. His productions have been richly varied in style, but always with that breakbeat feel to it. Signed to Sound of Habib Recordings he gets to do what his heart tells him to. Produce lush yet hard funk-driven breaks for dance floors. Even though his career so far has led him to DJ enormous venues and remixed classics like ?Lords of the dance/Captain of the ship¦ by Ratpack, we have surely only seen the beginning of this wonder boy!

Peo is also currently running the two labels FlatOut Orange and FlatOut Blue. Housier breaks on the first one and oldschool hardcore breaks on the second one.

Официальный сайт: http://www.flatoutrecords.com/


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