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Россия \ Москва, 39 лет
Rossiya \ Moskva , 39 years


English Version:
About Promoz aka Boris Ivanov, was born and lives in Moscow. Acquaintance with Breakbeat music was 1998, Dastrix, Junkie XL, Lunatic Calm, Rom di Prisco, Saki KasKas, Crystal Method, Prodigy, Fluke, have won its heart and have filled all fibers of soul with the drive, singularity, many-sided nature and on what not similar sounding. In 2005 finds to itself adherents, and very good people, on the best site in russian internet about Breaks to music BBZ.RU. With 2007 has started to test in Djs, reducing tracks on the computer about the help of a various software. In 2008 there are its first serious works in this field under working name Coffee Break Show (original promo mixes) which have found at once positive responses, among already known people in the world breaks as in Russia so from abroad, such as: Yreane, Toshie, Burjuy. With 2009, leaves on higher level, gets to itself the first revolving objects CDJ-400+DJM-400...

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March 2010 | BBZ Battle vol. 14: Promoz vs. Dj Crazy Style
January 2009 | BBZ Battle vol. 9: KreezY vs Promoz


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